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junevent – your booking and event agency

Having a successful event is a joy! Planning it may not be as much. Organise a team, find a date, create a brand, book the best artists, determine administrative processes, establish partnerships and sponsors, stay within budget.

We embrace all those things, that’s why we made it our profession!

You are a pro in what you do. We are pros in booking artists and planning events. Let us do what we do best, so you can focus on the things you do best.

Let’s make it a good one!


Gipsy Kings by Baliardo

The Gipsy Kings had many hit productions like „Djobi, Djoba“ and „Bamboleo“, which became globally successful in the late 80’s. They are still well known and played all over the world.

Gipsy Kings by Baliardo


Artist Booking

Bands, Ensembles, Musicians, Shows, Artists, Speakers, Show-acts, Presenters, Magicians, Dancers

We handle that!

Over the last decade we build a virtually inexhaustible network of artistic diversity and it pours out ideas for almost every demand.



Analysis, Conception, Planning, Sponsors, Public Relations, Execution, Post-processing, up until the last dance

We take care of that!

There’s only one thing you have to handle yourself: having a blast.



Unilectro, 1Uhr60, Campus Unplugged, ModelMe, Lufest

We invent that!

Every now and then, great event ideas emerge almost by accident. Occasionally we turn this sheer craziness into actual events.


We got a lot done over the past years. We established event serieses like “Graffiti-Open-Air”, we booked artists for Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank and Disney i.a., we organised concerts for The Gipsy Kings. We gathered a lot of experience and built an international network of artists, locations, agencies and bookers.

we are junevent

Back in the days, when our company was young and our endeavors where small, we where considered an insider tip for quality events. Our endeavors grew, we are probably no longer an insider tip – but the quality remains.

Lets make it a good one!

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What our clients think

„Wir haben erwartet, dass uns die Eventagentur bei unseren Veranstaltungen kompetent begleitet. Darauf konnten wir uns jederzeit verlassen.“

“…despite quite a few unforeseeable difficulties, junevent had handled our account tact- and successful.”
Jelena Radan, Starprodukcija

“Wir haben zusammen in sehr kurzer Zeit eine Veranstaltungsreihe für unser Haus entwickelt. Man merkt dabei schnell, dass die ihren Job verstehen.”

Jörn Friedrichsen, stilwerk Berlin

“…booking the band was seamless procedure. Instant communication, no surprises…”

Vlad Burian, Buzzevents

“Die junevent hat mit viel Kreativität und Inspiration unsere Wünsche und Vorstellungen von einem gelungenen Firmengeburtstag in die Tat umgesetzt.”


“Die Zusammenarbeit mit junevent war professionell, zielführend und hat zum Gelingen unseres Stadtfestes geführt. Ich kann die Firma empfehlen.”

Thomas Berger, Stadt Trebbin

Clients and Partners

Wether concerts, tours, city festivals, company celebrations, summer parties or club events  – we take pride in developing the best possible event with and for our clients.

Lets make it a good one!

junevent – your Berlin based booking and event agency